Wednesday, November 8, 2006

What should I blog and how

Today I spent the whole morning to complete the template of this blog, since I just like a simple, clean look. At first those new tags are little scary, but after looked at them last night carefully through the XML file, I know I can do it!

Now, sitting in my home office, looking at the home page, I started to wondering what topics should I write and how should I do it.

What to talk about (Or more simply use this for what)?

  1. There is only one thing for sure that I will drop some C#/C++ code here from time to time. As a developer, I do need a place to keep some important code pieces, how-to and so on for my later reference. It would also be a good thing to share these stuffs with other developers.
  2. What else I will drop here, I do not have a idea!

What language should I use?

It is true that Chinese should be the language for me to write this blog. But living in North America, would this be a good chance for me to improve my English?