Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Update of our status

Last year is a very busy one for both my wife and I. Moving from St. Louis to Toronto, settling down here, and finding jobs. It was so busy for me that I totally stopped any blogging at all.

Now after having been working for HSA as a Leader Software Engineer for almost a year, every thing looks just fine for us. And I think I could find some spare time to work on my blog again. My friends are welcomed to visit here from time to time, so you guys can get some updates on us. Thank you all.


Charles said...

Thank you for your appreciative comment you entered in my blog [Seminarians' Blog]. I'm glad you were able to locate me.
At the moment you might be getting mixed up by the numbering of the poems. I am rearranging the sequence and it will take a few days to complete.
All the best to you,